Simplify DNA and RNA sample prep plus inactivate virus with single application of safe chemistry

Apply to swab, saliva or blood

Versatility of use

In collection devices

Inactivate virus, transport without cold chain, extract DNA and RNA, sequester PCR inhibitors during transit with single reagent

In the lab

Extract DNA and RNA in one minute

In diagnostic detection kits

Enable hands-free sample prep, simpler kit design

Why Arcis?

Simplify Workflows

  • Reduce costs of time, tips, tubes, variability
  • Avoid cold chain transport

  • Streamline design of cartridges and kits

  • Enable automation by liquifying viscous samples

Increase Sensitivity

  • Enhance DNA and RNA isolation kit sensitivity (swab)

  • Achieve highest direct-to-PCR sensitivity (saliva)

Upgrade safety and reduce cost

  • REACH-compliant pathogen inactivation

  • Avoid heat step, hazardous waste disposal

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