Arcis offers to out-license intellectual property following decision to voluntary liquidate

With Arcis Biotechnology Group of companies deciding to cease operation, current and prospective B2B clients can now acquire permanent rights to produce and market Arcis’ protected, trade-secret formulations, targeted for three types of companies:

1. For suppliers of sample collection devices: PCR Direct(r) Extracting Transport Medium

After passing initial feasibility in small clinical studies, now in studies supporting regulatory clearance in clients’ sample collection devices

2. For suppliers of reagents used in diagnostics: PCR Direct(r) Swab and Saliva Extraction Reagents

Position inside kits and cartridges to eliminate heat and other manual sample prep steps, reduce variability

3. For suppliers of reagents used in biothreat detection systems:

custom formulations adopted in field-deployed systems in collaboration with the military, and under evaluation in DARPA research program
Complete trade-secret information including master batch records, QC protocols, and tech transfer support – available with licenses
Evaluation material available through CMOs. Please inquire.

For information on licensing contact Nick Ecos (CEO) at [email protected] or [email protected], acting as the agent for placement of intellectual property

The Arcis group companies are in Creditors Voluntary Liquidation. Elizabeth Aird-Brown of The MacDonald Partnership Ltd acts as Liquidator, without personal liability. Full contact details can be found at Contact us

Why PCR Direct®

    Safer and Regulatory Friendly

  • Avoid dangers of guanidinium
  • Simplify regulatory compliance for unassisted collection
  • REACH-compliant pathogen inactivation at point of collection
  • Avoid hazardous waste disposal

     Simplify Workflows

  • Samples arrive ready for direct PCR, avoid incubations capture and concentrate, Proteinase K digestion
  • Streamline protocols and design of cartridges and kits
  • Lyophilization compatible
  • Enable automation by reducing viscosity of samples
  • Avoid cold chain transport

Apply Arcis in the lab, in assay kits or at the point of sample collection 

Compare PCR DIRECT® Extracting Transport Medium

Combine swab or saliva sample transport, viral inactivation without guanidinium, and RNA extraction in transit, while delivering increased sensitivity at lower cost. Lyophilisation compatible

PCR Direct® Guide to Product Selection

*Apply specified volume to sample with dropper or pre-aliquot into collection device.