Arcis Biotechnology a producer of chemistry-based products used in lab tests and embedded as a component of diagnostic kits, cartridges, and in collection devices.

For the collection and preparation of swab and saliva samples for virus testing, Arcis offers a highly effective pathogen inactivation chemistry, PCR Direct® Extracting Transport Medium. Guanidinium-free and completely safe, PCR Direct® Extracting Transport Medium can facilitate regulatory clearance of devices for unassisted sample collection, and is REACH compliant. Beyond the safety advantages, PCR Direct® Extracting Transport Medium combines sample collection with sample prep, including the ability for direct to PCR testing, expanding capacity, reducing costs of equipment and kits, and improving consistency of results with lower operating skill requirements.

Beyond use in collection devices, PCR Direct® offers the same ability to streamline protocols in the lab, and can be embedded in kits and cartridges to eliminate incubations, washing, heat, capture and concentrate, Proteinase K digestions, and other steps.

In addition to virus testing applications, Arcis currently provides chemistry field-deployed by the military as a critical component in a system for the detection of biothreats.

Arcis is ISO 13485 certified.


Nick Ecos


Before joining Arcis Nick was CEO of Biomatrica where he led the development of biomarker collection products and the subsequent sale of the company to Exact Sciences Corporation.  He previously spent over 20 years with Life Technologies (now Thermo Fisher Scientific) as Vice President and General Manager of several global business units supplying pharma and diagnostics companies with instrument and reagent components for their gene and cell therapies and diagnostic systems.  Earlier roles included Vice President of Sales, Americas of Upstate Biotechnology (now Millipore Sigma) and before that, General Manager, Latin America of Invitrogen (now Thermo Fisher Scientific).  He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.S. from Ohio State University.

Dr Paul Reeves

Director of R&D

Dr Reeves joined Arcis in 2015.  He is a co-inventor of the company’s patents and has led the company’s most successful technical collaborations with clients.  He was previously with Genedrive (formerly Epistem) delivering projects to the US Department of Defense and developing diagnostic platform hardware and molecular assays. Earlier Paul was with QIAGEN on a team that delivered the Therascreen range of in vitro diagnostics though the FDA PMA process and launch. Dr Reeves holds an Executive MBA from Cranfield University and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Liverpool