Daresbury, UK May 14, 2019: Andrew Alliance and Arcis Biotechnology today announced they have signed an agreement stating that they are working together to develop an automated solution for the preparation of RNA and DNA. Under the co-marketing agreement, Arcis Biotechnology will combine its existing Arcis reagents with Andrew Alliance’s OneLab software platform and Andrew+ robot.

Piero Zucchelli, CEO and Co-Founder of Andrew Alliance stated “Sample stabilization and preparation are the first steps in how scientists analyze RNA and DNA in university and bio-tech research labs, food and environmental testing labs, and clinical laboratories. As an emerging leader in the technology of nucleic acid stabilization and preparation, Arcis Biotechnology has developed a fast and amazingly simple method for preparing RNA and DNA from a wide range of samples. Likewise, we have provided automated solutions for these same workflows in laboratory around the world. In order to remain on the cutting edge of laboratory automation, we need to find partners that can take full advantage of our platform. We believe that we have found such a partner in Arcis Biotechnology and that together, our experts can develop a sample processing solution that never requires another instrument or accessory.”

Peter Whitehurst, CEO of Arcis Biotechnology stated, “We are excited to be collaborating with Andrew Alliance and their proven liquid handling solutions. This collaboration brings together two best-in-class technologies that will allow scientists to automate not only sample preparation incorporating the Arcis technology, but also the next step in their process leading to a more open platform approach for scientists and researchers.”

For more information about Arcis Biotechnology, visit http://www.arcisbio.com

For more information about Andrew Alliance, OneLab and the Andrew+, please contact [email protected]