PCR DIRECT® Saliva Extraction Reagent

Liquifies saliva, lyses virus, and extracts RNA for direct RT-qPCR in 1 step

  • Highest sensitivity among direct methods reduces false negatives by over 30%

  • Liquified saliva enables automation

  • 1-pipette protocol removes kit costs and incubations

  • Hazard-free chemistry increases safety at reduced cost

To realise the advantages of Saliva Extraction Reagent plus add viral inactivation, stabilisation and ambient transport at point of collection, see alternative PCR DIRECT® Extracting Transport Medium

Four ways PCR DIRECT® Saliva Extraction Reagent scales up saliva testing

1. Higher levels of sensitivity among direct collection methods

  • 30% more sensitive than next closest competitor
  • Reduces false negatives by >33%

Limit of detection for PCR DIRECT Saliva Extraction Reagent was established using heat-inactivated SARS-CoV-2 (BEI) spiked into raw saliva. 5 µl of PCR DIRECT Saliva Extraction Reagent was added to the RT-PCR reaction (Taqman® Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix). Data for non-Arcis methods is in public domain and taken from IFUs, EUAs or other manufacturer produced studies.

2. One-pipette protocol saves time and costs of isolation kits and consumables.

Sample Collection

1. Collect Saliva

2. Add ARCIS Reagent

3. Direct to PCR

3. Use Automation by liquifying saliva without heat or beads

Improved saliva pipetting accuracy

The volume transferred was measured relative to the target volume. Results are averages of 32 replicates for saliva mixed with Arcis reagent and 8 replicates for raw saliva.

4. Hazard-free chemistry increases safety at reduced cost

  • Guanidine thiocyanate free
  • Compatible with bleach and acid-based cleaning procedures such as Hologic’s.
  • Eliminates exposure to injury from caustic chemicals
  • Avoids hazardous waste disposal costs.
  • REACH compliant

Use PCR DIRECT Saliva Extraction Reagent to liquify saliva, lyse virus, extract RNA for direct RT-qPCR testing in 1 minute to achieve:

  • Greater sensitivity reduces false negatives > 30%
  • Automated liquid handling of saliva
  • Save time, avoid costs of kits, consumables and hazardous waste disposal