Combine swab or saliva sample transport, viral inactivation without guanidinium, and RNA extraction in transit, while delivering increased sensitivity at lower cost. Lyophilisation compatible.

Swabs Saliva Impact of PCR DIRECT Extracting Transport Medium (ETM)
Collect with on-market swabs and saliva devices
Reduce risk from donor to bench with non-hazardous REACH-compliant PCR DIRECT ETM

Inactivate >99.99% coronavirus via lysis*

Liquify saliva for automated liquid handling

Sequester RT-qPCR inhibitors

RNA and DNA stable up to 4 days without cold-chain

From swab:

  • Ready for direct RT-qPCR with sensitivity equal to CDC protocol, avoiding cost of isolation step
  • Compatible with bead or column-based isolation kits if desired



From saliva:

  • Ready for direct RT-qPCR – no heat, lowest cost
  • 30% more sensitive than other direct methods

* None detectable using coronavirus 229E with a 30 minute exposure to ETM