PCR DIRECT® Extracting Transport Medium

Safe, guanidinium-free chemistry combines lysis, viral inactivation, extraction and preservation of nucleic acids during transport, with sensitivity enabling direct PCR.  Lyophilisation compatible.

Why PCR Direct®

    Safer and Regulatory Friendly

  • Avoid dangers of guanidinium
  • Simplify regulatory compliance for unassisted collection
  • REACH-compliant pathogen inactivation at point of collection
  • Avoid hazardous waste disposal

     Simplify Workflows

  • Samples arrive ready for direct PCR, avoid incubations capture and concentrate, Proteinase K digestion
  • Streamline protocols and design of cartridges and kits
  • Lyophilization compatible
  • Enable automation by reducing viscosity of samples
  • Avoid cold chain transport

Apply Arcis in the lab, in assay kits or at the point of sample collection 

Compare PCR DIRECT® Extracting Transport Medium

Combine swab or saliva sample transport, viral inactivation without guanidinium, and RNA extraction in transit, while delivering increased sensitivity at lower cost. Lyophilisation compatible

PCR Direct® Guide to Product Selection

*Apply specified volume to sample with dropper or pre-aliquot into collection device.