Arcis reagents provide an ultra-fast, reagent based system for the preparation of DNA and RNA, with the added benefit of preserving and protecting nucleic acids for up to 90 days (DNA) without temperature control and without any additional processing. The kits have been demonstrated effectively on whole blood, blood plasma, cell cultures, saliva, sputum and many other sample types. The nucleic acids are suitable for direct use in PCR, qPCR and RT-qPCR reactions using standard and fast cycling protocols.

Our unique chemistry, developed and patented by Arcis Biotechnology, provides a fast and convenient protocol to move from sample to amplifiable DNA or RNA in as little as 3 minutes.   The kits enable pre-analytical processing of a variety of samples including saliva, whole blood, bacteria and viruses and is designed for standalone kit use or OEM integration with sample preparation or assay development manufacturers.