Safe reagent extracts for direct PCR in saliva, simplifies assay development and use

  • Eliminate incubation, washing, heat, Proteinase K digestion, other steps and reduce variability

  • Compatible with silica-based capture and concentrate, if needed
  • Lyophilization ready
  • No cold-chain transport or storage – of sample or reagent

  • Automation friendly, reduces viscosity

To realise the advantages of Saliva Extraction Reagent (ER1) plus add viral inactivation, stabilisation and ambient transport at point of collection, see alternative PCR DIRECT Extracting Transport Medium

PCR DIRECT product packaging

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Product Details

Product Code UFL121, UFL125
Sample Type Saliva
Sample Input Volume 100 µl
Reaction time 1 minute hands on
Number of reactions 50, 500
Storage Store at room temperature, do not freeze
Shipping conditions Room temperature


Instructions for use – UFL121 (50 reactions)

Instructions for use – UFL125 (500 reactions)

Saliva Extraction Reagent (MSDS)

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