Frequently Asked Questions

The bulk kit comes with reagent 1 (1x 10ml) and reagent 2 (1x 1.2ml).

With the Arcis Sample Prep kit its expected that with a 30ul blood sample a typical concentration of 2-5ng/ul of DNA will be obtained. To increase DNA concentrations, up to 90ul of blood can be added to reagent one. Ideally a ratio of 1:4 needs to be maintained in processing with reagent 2.

For quantification of DNA the most accurate method is standard-curve qPCR. The Arcis system does not isolate DNA or RNA away from carryover cellular contents, so spectrophotometric approaches, such as nanodrop, are not recommended. Fluorometric approaches which specifically bind DNA, such as the Qubit system, may be used.

They are shipped and stored at room temperature (18 months from point of manufacture).

Our data indicates that DNA is stable in tube 1 for up to 90 days at ambient temperatures.  After processing with reagent 2 samples should be used immediately or frozen.

Reagents are shipped and stored at room temperature. The bulk kit format has been designed for high-throughput genomic applications. To avoid contamination, we advise that the buffers are not exposed to the environment for extended periods and/or continual short exposures to pipette tips.  If required the buffers can be pre-aliquoted and then stored for later use in order to maintain full shelf life.  Opened reagents should be disposed of after 30 days.